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Minnesota Miracle
Join the walk at any point and walk as far as you can.
We are happy to have you for any or all of the trip.

Gary C. Fitch has spent the past 40 years giving of himself to make a difference in the lives around him. He’s taking on another cause that affects so many in Minnesota. Making sure that our communities have the food they need to keep their families and children nourished so they may contribute to the welfare of all Minnesotans! He presented himself at the AFL-CIO Convention in Rochester, Minnesota in September of 2012 and has the resolution of 385,000 union workers to support his effort!

These individuals represent 15% of the working class in Minnesota and we need everyone to support this cause in any way they find possible!

Gary retired from the United States Postal Service in March of 2013 and is devoting one solid year to reach out to everyone in Minnesota for their support and donations to reach a goal that will give everyone that comes on board, a “Legacy” that will be unsurpassed!

This is a 300 mile walk from International Falls to the State Capital in 30 days. The walk will begin on April 4th 2014 and end on May 4th! The walk will end on a Sunday which will allow everyone to finish the final day from White Bear Lake to the State Capital. All of the professional athletes, politicians, Union workers and everyone in Minnesota will be invited to join hands and give evidence that ~~~ Minnesota Takes care of their Own! Help us make The Miracle Happen!

Donate Online through our support relationship with Second Harvest Heartland
Mail checks to:
Minnesota Miracle
175 Aurora Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55103
To Contact Gary
Or Volunteer
651-373-1020 C
651-773-5280 H
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