National and International Tours

AFM Guidelines
"It shouldn't cost the performer anything to do the job"

Pamphlet B and F Agreements list per diem rates. All other tours:

  • Transportation: Employer agrees to provide all air and ground transportation, including to and from the city, and to and from the hotel.
  • Lodging: Employer agrees to provide single occupancy business class accommodations.
  • Meals Employer agrees to provide $50.00 per day for meals.
  • Instrument: Employer agrees to provide instrument if necessary.
  • Contract: Use Traveling Engagement Contract (Form TP-2, Rev. 1/95). Specify hours, compensation, and items listed above as needed. Contract is to be filed with the Local in whose jurisdiction the engagement is located.
  • Miscellaneous: Employer pays for work permits, etc. Musician must pay for passport and visa.