Young Musicians Scholarship Fund

Generally applicants for an award under the scholarship fund should meet the following criteria:

  1. A full-time student at a public junior or high school, college, technical school, or university level, or full-time home schooled student.
  2. 22 years old or younger.
  3. 3. Not currently an active professional musician, but showing skills and inclination to become one in the future.
  4. An individual of extraordinary commitment and talent who has demonstrated financial need.
  5. Sponsored by a member of Local 30-73 who submits a letter of recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Scholarships are available for young musicians to attend summer music camps/schools. To apply submit a letter of recommendation from a member of Local 30-73 and a teacher, a resume of the young musician, and a copy of the letter of acceptance from the chosen music camp/school. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the Board of the scholarship fund and awarded based on the guidelines outlined above.

Deadline for letters of application is May 15, 2017.

The Young Musicians Scholarship Fund is now officially a non-profit charity and all donations made to this fund are tax deductible. This year we were able to support 20 of our members’ children or students with scholarships to help defray the costs of their summer music camp programs throughout the United States. All this has been made possible due to donations from our members and supporters, in honor or in memory of someone.

Most of our students who receive acceptance into summer music programs have passed an audition process. The cost range of the programs that we provided scholarship funds for this year was from $455 to $4,700. Parents make a tremendous sacrifice to provide their children with private lesson training, and summer specialty camps. This is why we established this scholarship fund for our member’s benefit. We wanted to help defray costs and support our membership.

We would like to provide even larger scholarship grants and, with your help, we will be able to do this in the future.

Join us in contributing to:
The Young Musicians Scholarship Fund
c/o TCMU
Itasca Building
708 North 1st Street, CR 31
Minneapolis, MN 55401-1145

If you wish to honor someone, now or in the future, use this fund. The recipient will receive a letter informing them of your wishes on their behalf and listing you as the donor. If you wish a special sentiment, we will add that to the letter. You, in turn, will receive documentation of the donation for tax purposes. If there is no one special at this time and you contribute to the fund, you may request a letter be sent at another time.

To the teachers whose students benefited from this program, consider adding a donation to keep this funding possible for your students in the coming year. Contribute whatever you can.

Rachel Brudnoy
Chair -YMSF

Maintained by the Twin Cities Musicians Union
In Memory of Amy Bloom

updated April 1, 2017
Contributions from members and friends of the Union, either personally or in the memory of someone close to you,
may be made by submitting a check to the Union payable to the “Young Musicians Scholarship Fund”.



Stu Anderson
Lorenzo A. Arsenal, Jr.
Mary Bahr
Ronald Balazs
Bob Bass
Bill Blakkestad
Lady Bo
Leon O. Bonrud
Lynda M. Bradley-Vacco
John H. Bravis
Benjamin L. “Bud” Burniece
Bob Crea
Bob Davis
Eugene (Gene) E. Egan
Genevieve and C. T. Eggen
Eric O. Giere
Michael J. Grandchamp
James L. “Jimmy” Hamilton
Harold H. Hering
Lois V. Herman
Percy C. Hughes, Jr.
Stuart M. Johnson
Leigh Kamman
Eugene B. “Curley” Karels
Joe Kimball
Joan Mainzer Kishkis
Thomas V. Knipe
Merle Knudson
John F. Kurowski
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Homer Mensch
Earl P. Mosel
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Richard J. Perkins
Richard W. Sandmann
Marie Shaw
Victor Tedesco
Ernest J. “Jim” Torok
Lawrence E. Wilke
Alex Wilson
Harold “Babe” Zats
Laurie Merz (in kind donation for her students)
Margo Sundberg (celebrating her complete recovery from illness)
Sue Nelson (in lieu of payment for her performance at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair)