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Thank you for your interest in the Twin Cities Musicians Union, Local 30-73 of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM). If you are a full-time or part-time musician, it is to your advantage to belong to the only organization that truly represents the interests of musicians and performers. The AFM negotiates national recording and television agreements, offers Musicians Performance Fund money to “seed” live music performances, actively lobbies for legislation favorable to musicians, and provides help to traveling musicians through its network of Locals throughout the United States and Canada.

Local 30-73 maintains collective bargaining agreements with many of the area theaters (Children’s Theater, Chanhassen Dinner Theaters, Guthrie etc.), professional sports teams, and of course the Minnesota Orchestra, St Paul Chamber Orchestra, and Minnesota Opera Orchestra. Nearly all the work done by musicians at the State, Orpheum, Ordway, or McKnight Theaters is union work. Also, most of the national entertainment acts that contract local musicians for concerts use union contractors who hire union musicians. Local 30-73 offers a referral program for jobs, and members have the opportunity to advertise their services on our web site. A brochure has been published and has been distributed promoting this area of our web site in an effort to increase work for our members. There is also a $1,000.00 term life insurance benefit included with membership.

For a detailed explanation of the numerous benefits and services Local 30-73 and the AFM have to offer the professional musician, please read the Membership Benefits page. Once again, thank you for your interest, and we look forward to the opportunity to support you!

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    Once you’ve filled out the above bio and submitted it, there are 2 ways to proceed: Contact the Local 30-73 office by calling 612-338-5013, or click the big red “Join” button to be taken to the AFM New Member web page. The advantage of contacting the Local 30-73 office is that you’ll get a pro-rated rate if you join in the middle of a dues period, whereas the AFM link will charge you for the whole period. So, if you join in April and call the office, you’ll only pay for April, May, and June plus the 2nd half of the year. If you join in April and use the AFM link, you’ll pay for the whole year.

    In either case, it’s important to fill out the bio above and submit it, so we have that information for our local files.

    Local 30-73 Membership Rates

    Dues if Paid Annually: $170.00
    Dues if Paid Semi-Annually: $86.00
    Local Initiation Fee (one-time): $50.00
    Federation Initiation Fee (one-time): $65.00

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      708 N 1st St., Suite CR31, Minneapolis, MN 55401
    3. Contact the office at 612-338-5013 to complete the process. (If you mailed your forms, wait a few days before you call.)

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