It is rare that our Twin Cities Musicians Union steps into a critique ‎of those in a position of authority in our community. We perform music. We advocate for the advancement of music careers. We educate others about the art and power of music, and we are committed to add depth and quality of life to the audiences we serve.

But the value of our mission and the health of our community are tied to our fundamental commitment to serve every person, every heritage and culture, every family and neighborhood, without favoritism or bias. Music has no skin color. ‎There are no ethnic restrictions to work in our field and none to enjoy and celebrate the uncommon impact of music for all cultures.

Equal opportunity for all is essential in our country; that goal is a daily commitment. As a group we cannot remain silent when equal protection under the law is challenged by a leader charged with safeguarding our community.

We join the Minnesota AFL-CIO in calling for the resignation of the current president of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation, Bob Kroll. The proper respect for all people cannot be served with misguided and alienating leadership.

The Officers and Board of Directors
Twin Cities Musicians Union, Local 30-73, American Federation of Musicians
Member, Minnesota AFL-CIO