Ballot counting for the TCMU election was completed on Saturday, November 14, 2020 at the TCMU Office. Below are the totals. Thank you members for taking the time to participate by voting. And a big thank you to all of the candidates — for your past service, for your commitment to and ongoing participation in our union, and for being ready and willing to take on the new challenges that face us as music professionals.

Secretary/Treasurer (3-year term)

David Graf (Unopposed) – ELECTED

Board of Directors (3 Seats)

Wade Clark – 402 votes – ELECTED
Reuben Ristrom – 219 votes
Emilia Mettenbrink – 425 votes – ELECTED
Joe Mayo – 273 votes – ELECTED
Charlie Maguire – 251 votes

Alternate Delegate: 2022 AFM Convention

Deferred until September 2021

Alternate Delegate: 2021 Mid-States/Midwest Conference

Eric Kodner (Unopposed) – ELECTED

Submitted by David A. Graf, Secretary/Treasurer, Twin Cities Musicians Union, Local 30-73 AFM.